Standard Fabric Face Mask Ordering:

*****NOTE: All new orders should go directly through email at as it will be easier for me to manage.  Please use  MASK ORDER in your subject. Billing will occur when your order is ready. *****

I will add your name and information to my list. I'm sewing as fast as I can to fill orders (I even have my husband and kids helping out!) but it is still taking time. I promise that I will get to each and every order. I will contact you when your order is ready to make sure you still want it. You will pay at that time via Venmo, PayPal, or by credit card through Square. Masks can be picked up locally in Edina or shipped via USPS Priority Mail for a $7 fee.

Masks come in the following sizes: toddler, child, teen, woman or man. All masks are being completed with a stretch fabric strap that can be used to A) tie each time you wear it to fit most comfortably B) tie off at a comfortable length with behind the head straps or C) cut straps to be the length most comfortable for behind the ear use.  (See photo tutorial below.)

Mask prices are as follows: 1 for $10 or 3 for $25. If you want to add a filter pocket they are 1 for $12 or 3 for $30. Thanks so much for your order, stay safe and healthy. (If you must have the squared off style please let me know!)

I have tons of different fabric patterns being used, so if you want gender neutral or a specific color you can feel free to note that and I will do my best.

Thanks for all the orders. I am so happy to be able to help right now.

Best - Janie

Please reach out if you are a healthcare or front line worker in need of masks!!!

You will receive your mask with a piece of stretch fabric thread through it like this.



For behind the ears wearers, cut the strap at the top where it connects so that you have 2 separate straps.


Tuck the knot into the channel.


You can choose to wear it over your head and tie it each time, or put a knot in the straps and leave it there for easy on and off.


Tie the straps in a knot where they are most comfortable.  You may be surprise at how close to the mask you are knotting it, that is ok.


Masks should be washed on your gentle cycle and air dried.  As with all elastic, it will break down quicker if exposed to high heat.